• Deb Saladow

    Help pls

  • Deb Saladow

    Cancel original order processed yesterday around 600 pm

  • Julie Bressane

    Good afternoon! I received an email and a text message saying that my perfumes were delivered. But I did not leave the house all day and received nothing. Please, I would like you to take the necessary steps with UPS.

  • Omotayo Akinkuade

    Hello Team,

    This is the Second time i am sending a message/mail regarding an item missing among the 3 items that was delivered to me yesterday (8/30).

    The item is Omni Amethyst Gift Set for women by Bvlgari 2.2 Oz. I have tried several times to reach your team or contact numbers but to no avail (no response). ORDER NO is #FM-8699

    Kindly communicate or respond to my message going forward to allow me know my next move regarding this situation. You may kindly do a refund for me ASAP. Message or Call me preferably on 443-221-1842, thank you

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